About April Sheehan Ceramics

All ceramic pieces on this site are individually designed and handmade by me,  April Sheehan,  in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. I use several techniques during the forming process including hand sculpting, slab, coil, wheel throwing, and slip casting. Many items use more than one technique. Textures and other visual and tactile interests are a large component of my work with carving and stamping often combined with painting and drawing for greater effect . Glazes and underglazes are dipped, brushed, or sprayed and any one or combination of five separate types of clays are used depending on the result I’m looking for.

I am a firm believer that the things we eat and drink from, put our flowers and plants in,  hang around our necks, or place around our homes as ornaments,  are the things that should be the most unique and individual. Things that somehow give us a lift while making us feel more like ourselves. I hope that my items will serve that purpose for  you.

I’m happy to make arrangements for local pick-up or delivery as well as arranging for shipping to any corner of the globe.

Any questions? Have a look at the FAQ page or contact me at April.Sheehan.Ceramics@Shaw.ca